Apple & Cinnamon Protein Bliss Balls

Each week, I try to create a new bliss ball flavour. This week, I bought one too many apples. So, I thought I would make an apple flavoured bliss ball. I know cinnamon goes really well with apples. So, I came up with this apple and cinnamon protein bliss ball recipe. And the flavour combination did not disappoint. So, I am sharing the recipe with … Continue reading Apple & Cinnamon Protein Bliss Balls

Vegan Black Bean Brownie

Another week another delicious snack to satisfy my mid-morning and mid-afternoon sweet cravings. This week, I decided to try and make some vegan black bean brownies. I have come across multiple black bean recipes in the past but I have never actually made them. I was afraid that the black beans would have an overpowering taste in the brownies. However, I was wrong! These brownies … Continue reading Vegan Black Bean Brownie

Carrot Cake Protein Bliss Balls

And just like that, my holidays are over and I am back at work and getting back into my normal day-to-day routine. One thing that I missed during my holidays were healthy snacks – it was so difficult to find healthy snacks in Japan! And as you can already tell, I love snacking between my main meals. So, one of the first things I made … Continue reading Carrot Cake Protein Bliss Balls