Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown (July 2017).

Ever since I graduated from university and started working, I have had the itch to travel and experience new places, the food and its culture. I like to jam-pack my trips with adventure and experience the path less travelled, literally.

I love to plan my own itinerary rather than follow another pre-organised tour by a well-known travel company. This requires a lot of time and effort researching on the Internet, reading Lonely Planet guides, scrolling through page after page on TripAdvisor and getting in touch with friends or friends of friends who are kind enough to share their recent adventures (which I am grateful for) to places that I am interested in or about to travel to. And the satisfaction I get after a trip well-planned and travelled is something that money cannot buy.

In this blog, I would like to share with you my travel adventures around the globe including places to stay at, restaurants/cafes to go to, places to visit and best transport options as well as help you with questions that you may have about a particular destination.

So, where is your next travel adventure?

Cabo da Roca (Westernmost Point), Portugal (January 2018).