3-Ingredient Raspberry Chia Jam

I have been making this jam quite frequently in the last few months. I mainly use this jam in my vegan chocolate white bean chia muffins that I make almost weekly. But this jam is perfect on toast (simply on its own or paired with peanut butter) or corn thins. I love this recipe as it is so easy to make and only requires three … Continue reading 3-Ingredient Raspberry Chia Jam

Healthy Chia Seed Cherry Jam

IΒ  love jam, especially jam and peanut butter on toast. Yum! However, most store-bought jams are ladenned with sugar with at least 50% refined sugar, if not more. As such, I tend to avoid eating jam altogether. Recently, Dorian and I went berry picking at Jay Berries in the Yarra Valley. Although the blueberry picking season was coming to an end, the blackberry picking season … Continue reading Healthy Chia Seed Cherry Jam